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Now that the bill to the amendments to the WA DOG ACT has passed (22/10/13) and two amendments were successful:
  1. A five  year review

  2. A third  exception to re-home as American Pit Bull Terrier and cross breeds.

WAABSL acknowledge it has been a very long 15 months.

Billl Bruce will take his seminar Saturday 26th and educate on the Calgary Model and  WAABSL will be taking a weeks break and limited posts will appear on the fan page from Monday 28th October to Sunday 3rd of November. 

Soon after this we will be regrouping with Ken Storrs and taking a new direction in the campaign. Bill Bruce has had some successful appointments with decision makers and stakeholders. An initiative was suggested and all agreed on it so a plan will be put in place to move forward. This will be a very exciting initiative.

Merchandise has been put on hold until we see what will evolve. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to merchandise ideas.

We thank everybody for their ongoing support and we will be focusing on the Calgary model theme in the future. Please stay tuned. We are not going away! There is a long journey ahead!


Latest News

Why BSL is not the answer!

  • BSL does not improve the safety of the public or prevent dog attacks
  • BSL does not address the potential victims of non-targeted breed dog attacks
  • BSL requires every dog to be identified as a specific breed. This is ineffective as there are no genetic markers for ‘pit bulls’, as it is a type not a breed. There are also countless crossbreeds that could be deemed to be a ‘pit bull’ type
  • BSL results in innocent dogs being killed because of their appearance and without reason or justification
  • BSL punishes responsible owners because of the way their dog looks and makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible or criminal owners

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Perth No BSL Global Rally

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What is BSL?

BSL = Breed Specific Legislation

BSL aims to restrict and/or ban certain breeds based on their appearance. Under BSL, there is no sale, transfer of ownership or breeding of restricted breeds. Ultimately this will result in certain breeds being culled and eventually eradicated. It also means that any bully breed dog, mixed breed dog, dog without registration or pedigree papers are at risk of being impounded and if the owners fail to comply with the new regulations, possibly put to sleep. This is currently happening in Victoria. Read more here...

If you agree that Breed Specific Legislation is wrong, there are a number of things you can do 

  • Read and sign the petition - WA residents only
  • Help fund us so we can continue to fight
  • Join us on facebook and stay updated 
  • Help us educate the public and support the cause

    Merchandise in the form of stickers and t shirts are available for purchase and proceeds go towards the cause.

Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation is a group of people from the community dedicated to educating the public on the effects of BSL.
BSL punishes responsible owners and targets innocent dogs and family pets.
The committee is dedicated to distributing Ashleigh Leece's Petition to abolish BSL and in turn put in place more reasonable laws.
The committee is made up of volunteers who also organise fundraisers to help fund the public education with pamphlets and through different forms of media as well as fund our part in the 2013 BSL World Rally.
Liberal Minister Simpson is responsible for the new proposed laws and we believe that the laws are unfair!

Further Reading

Does breed specific legislation reduce dog aggression on humans and other animals? 


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